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Okay so this started with Nat’s Javert bookmark that I stuck in her Secret Santa book, and I hope it isn’t too surprising in this company that I have more barricade boys than friends but still made all of them anyway. The only ones left without homes though are Bahorel and Feuilly and Jehan because I also gave three to various members of my family who experienced a life-changing realization that they are in love with all the barricade boys when they saw the movie. :) I love the barricade boys oh my goodness like a lot.

Members of the ABC


Enjolras: Head Bitch in Charge

Marius: Lovey Dovey Bitch

Grantaire: Drunk Bitch

Combeferre: Philosophizing Bitch

Courfeyrac: Enthusiastic Bitch

Jean Prouvaire: Poetic Bitch

Joly: Sickly Bitch

Lesgles: Unlucky Bitch

Feuilly: Fan Making Bitch

Bahorel: Peasant yet Popular Bitch